viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

Class T411

Karem Morillo
Angelis Meza 
Marcos Mujica
Daniel Guadarrama
Javier Rivero
Diego Barrera
Eliecer Galindez
Reily Delgado
Mayerlyng Reyes
carlos barniquez
Carolina Perez
Carlos Lopez
Jesanna Corona
Eliezer Negron
Luis Leal
Karem Morillo

Nivel 4. Unidad 10. El cuerpo, la salud y el estrés

Causes and consequences of cigarette

It is important to know that smoking harms our bodies and our health as well asii trallendo affects our lungs and difficulty breathing pr consequences drowning among other things is important to leave to consume to stay healthy and strong.

                           the stress

Recommendations 1. Do 10 minutes to break every 2 hours at most. Repeat these breaks in your daily life and think of you, analyzing their attitudes. 2. Learn to say NO without feeling guilty or think that hurts alguien.Querer please everyone is a huge attrition. 3. Plan your day, but always leave a good space for the unexpected aware that not all up to you. 4. Focus on one task at a time. For more agile than their mental pictures, you get tired. 5. Forget once and for all that are indispensable at work, home or home group. As much as you like walking around without his performance, but yourself. 6. Stop feeling responsible for the pleasure of others. You are not the source of desires, or the eternal master of ceremonies. 7. Ask for help when needed, having the good sense to ask the right people. 8. Separating the real problems of the imaginary and delete them, because they are wasting time and precious space occupied by mental more important things. 9. TRY discover the joys of everyday things like sleeping, eating and walking, not believing that's the most you can get in life. 10. Avoid anxiety and stress involved in the other, in terms of anxiety and tension. Wait a while and then return to dialogue and action. 11. His family is not you, is with you, made their world, but not their identity. 12. UNDERSTAND what inflexible principles and beliefs can be a great weight to prevent movement and search. 13. Always have someone you can trust and talk openly. It is no use if you are away. 14. MEET successful when dining out, leaving the stage and leave a meeting. Never lose your sense of subtle importance of leaving at the right time. 15. DO NOT want to know if you talked bad or hitting yourself with this mental garbage. Listen to what they spoke well of you, the subject of analysis, not to believe everything. 16. COMPETE in moments of fun, work and life between couples, is ideal for those who want to tire or lose the best part. 17. The rigidity is good in the stones but not in humans. 18. One hour of IMMENSE PLEASURE replaced with tranquility, three hours of sleep lost. The reward the pleasure of sleep. So do not waste a good opportunity to have fun. 19. DO NOT leave the three great and invaluable friends: Intuition, Innocence and Faith 20. UNDERSTAND once and for all, finally and in conclusion. You ARE WHAT YOU MAKE OF YOURSELF "Life is a play that does not allow trials, therefore, sing, mourn, dance, laugh and live intensely every moment of his life before the curtain. Goes down and finish work without applause. "

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poem to my father

Eliezer Negron Araujo
By: Eliezer Negron

Generous, responsible, loving, inspiring
Joenjaelies father, Mariangel, Elian and Eliezer
Who loves his family, his carriage and his scent
Who's afraid of crime, criminals and being alone
Want to see your grandchildren grow and your family happy
It is the love of my life amoo you daddy.

jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

Name: Pablo Perez   From: Venezuela, Zulia
Occupation: lawyer
He is the governor of Zulia State
Wrestler and current director of scholarships jel

what is your hero of past ?

Name: Juana De Arco   From: francia, Domrémy
Occupation: Military
was a hero, military and French saintwas venerated by the Catholic League in the sixteenth century and adopted as a cultural symbol for French patriotic circles since the nineteenth century. He was also an inspiration for the Allied forces during the First and Second World War.Popularly, Joan of Arc is seen by many as a remarkable woman: brave, strong and with great faith. Today is the subject of special interest in the Irish Republic, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States.

Name : Simon Bolivar From : Venezuela, Caracas 
Occupation :Military 
was a Venezuelan military and politicalthe father of the nation and inspired the Venezuelan Constitution that bears his nombre.El Liberator, in the company of people who joined him, fought and won independence from six nations: Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia . His thought and example are and will be guide for Venezuelans.

What is your heroes from the movies ? 

Name: Robert Pattinson From: Londres, Reino Unido 
Occupation : Actor, model, producer and singer 
Is currently producing the last part of the series that made him famous called Twilight. Which he launched to stardom and was nominated as best actor paid youngest and most beautiful man in the world

What is your heroes from the Cartoon ?

Name : Burbuja  From: Estadounidences 
Occupation : Saving the world
The sweetest and loving team. Always carry a stuffed octopus that called Pulpi. It is she who reminds her sisters do not have to fight each other. Use two chonguitos and blue dresses.